Dragonball Z Raging Pride

Dragonball Z Raging Pride 3.00

This is a combination of DBZ and a traditionally-styled RPG into one game
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Dragon Ball Z Raging Pride is a game made in an engine known as RPG Maker 2003. This game is an attempt to make a really good DBZ game that stays true to the series, and to actually make a successful RPG out of it, since there aren't many out there! Mostly you just see action based DBZ games, but this game features an actual DBZ RPG experience. Essentially this means that if you like Dragonball Z OR (NOT AND) RPG's, then you should give this a try. This is not just another fan game, it has a lot of work put into it. This project is an attempt to combine the best of DBZ and a traditional styled RPG into one game!

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